Resident Evil 7: How To Give You A Good Boo!

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Capcom once said that they want to bring back horror in Resident Evil 7 as it is what the franchise has been all about. The previous Resident Evil Trilogy lacks the horror elements of the first trilogy that it ended up changing the scape of the series.

Well, this won’t be the case for Resident Evil 7 but unfortunately, we don’t exactly know how Capcom is going to cement the title’s horror status. Our idea would be for Capcom to find a creative way into bringing back old villains from the dead.

In detail, Capcom should consider reviving Nemesis and William Birkins. Both villains gave us quite a fright in the Resident Evil series and they can act as secret boss fights in Resident Evil 7. Now wouldn’t that be something? We would love to hear your opinion on our idea above.