Resident Evil 7 Is Finally Hitting It’s Stride

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As the saying goes, it’s better late than never. The latest title in the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 7, is rated highly by major reviewers for the great experience it has to offer and many even called it the best Resident Evil game to date.

The point here is that Resident Evil 7 is a massive success, although we can’t say the same for sales of the game. Despite the high quality gameplay experience which Resident Evil 7 has to offer, the title experienced a slow start on the sales front and it led certain parties to call it a failure.

True enough, Resident Evil 7 was unable to sell faster than Resident Evil 6 in its first 6 months but the game is not lost yet. Since November last year, sales of Resident Evil 7 accelerated drastically and it brings the total figure to a whopping 48 million.

This is massive – especially when you realized that Resident Evil 7 is now officially the bestselling Resident Evil video game to date. The momentum is expected to keep going throughout 2018 and we can’t imagine on how big the sales number will be at the end of it all.