Resident Evil 7 Is Not Rushing To Become The Best Game In The Series

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After years of massive disappointments, fans of Resident Evil can finally breath easy knowing that Resident Evil 7 is able to offer a great gameplay experience.

Resident Evil 7 was launched over a year ago and it features a nice balance in horror and action instead of being biased towards either end. This is what makes the game great to play but not every fan of the Resident Evil series is convinced into getting the latest title.

A large portion of the fans are actually too afraid that Resident Evil 7 may repeat the disappointments in its predecessors hence they prefer to wait a little longer before getting the game.

This greatly explains why Resident Evil 7 was unable to enjoy a strong sales debut but the game has been on a gradual incline since its release. As of today, Capcom has sold 5.1 million copies of Resident Evil 7 which translates to the game becoming the fourth bestselling title in the series.

The numbers are expected to grow sharply this year as Capcom is likely to throw in promotions for Resident Evil 7 and it won’t be long until the game becomes a bestseller.