Resident Evil 7 Is Worse Than Resident Evil 6, According To Statistics

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Yes, you read the title right. Despite being newer and marginally better than Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 7 is now labelled as a failure on the numbers.

It was reported today that Resident Evil 7 sales in the first six month is far behind what was achieved by Resident Evil 6 in the same period of time. Last quarter dealt the killing blow when the report indicated that Capcom only managed to move 200,000 copies of Resident Evil 7. The shocking bit here is that last quarter also saw 100,000 copies of Resident Evil 6 getting sold.

Now we are completely aware that the horror scene in the gaming industry is a niche market hence sales are not expected to rush in. However, seeing that a poorly rated game like Resident Evil 6 is able to extend its lead of Resident Evil 7 leaves us with lots of question marks.

Some would say that it may have to do with the poor experience on Resident Evil 6 which has prevented fans from adopting Resident Evil 7. Either way, we won’t call Resident Evil 7 a failure just yet as the GOTY version of the game is bound to create a large sales increment.