Resident Evil 7: Japanese Flashbacks, Secret Bosses & Horror

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Come Q1 next year, Capcom is expected to release Resident Evil 7. There is already a demo of the game available today and it managed to successfully hype us up. So, what will Resident Evil 7 have to offer?

If the latest rumours are to be referred to, Resident Evil 7 will continue on the adventures from Resident Evil 6 but with some heavy thought for the past titles. Like how it is with Japanese animes, the plot will be filled with a couple of flashbacks and they will be playable.

The exciting bit is that the flashbacks will touched on old villains and players will have to fight these secret bosses. The rumours were specific enough to mention Nemesis and William Birkins as villain boss fights.

If the rumours are right, then we can safely say that Resident Evil 7’s horror status needs no further confirmation. The game will be terrifying to play and it will also be very dark in nature. Are you excited?