Resident Evil 7: Mysterious Coin Potential Functions

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Resident Evil 7 is the next major game to come from Capcom and many can’t wait for it. Despite getting very close to Resident Evil 7’s release, the fans are clueless on what is to come in the upcoming sequel.

The demo that was released back at the last E3 didn’t help provide any huge information at all. On the other hand, Capcom tries to tease on new features through offering ambassador information. The latest ambassador clue came out earlier today and a screenshot of it is embedded below.

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As you can see, the image shows the medicines that will be made available in Resident Evil 7 but there is also a coin there. The leak raised the question on what the coin is for.

Some fans pointed out that the coin is a hint on herbal vending machines coming in Resident Evil 7. Others believe that the coin is related to Jim from the Outbreak series. This hints on the coming of a new Outbreak character.

But of course, nothing is confirmed yet and the above are nothing more than speculations on what the coin is for. We would love to hear on what you think of it.