Resident Evil 7: Nemesis vs Birkins!

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Imagine if Resident Evil 7 is to come out with returning villains like Nemesis and Birkins. It will definitely make it the scariest title to play in the whole series.

Capcom has mentioned it before that they want Resident Evil 7 to return to its horror roots but this does not convince us one bit. We are still disappointed by the all-action gameplay in the last Resident Evil Trilogy that we need more than just words for assurance on Resident Evil 7.

If it is up to us, we would want the next sequel to be madness. Capcom should figure out a way to bring William Birkins back to life because he is considered as one of the scariest villain in the series.

Then again, nothing spells horror better than Nemesis. Both Nemesis and Birkins are cruel entities that can make a good surprise boss fight in Resident Evil 7. Either character will seal the fate for Resident Evil 7 as a horrifying title. What do you think?