Resident Evil 7: Old Villains Can Wreak Havoc!

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It is no secret that Capcom is currently developing Resident Evil 7 and the game looks set to arrive with a more interesting plotline with more new gameplay features. Capcom also promised to inject some horror elements in Resident Evil 7 so that it can please the purists.

Well, after playing three Resident Evil titles without horror, we are not expecting Resident Evil 7 to offer us a big scare. The game will probably have the right idea but the execution won’t be memorable. This is unless Capcom can apply one of our ideas for the game.

Our suggestion would be for Capcom to find a creative way to bring back old villains into Resident Evil 7. Names like William Birkins and Nemesis gave us quite the scare back in the first trilogy and they will make perfect secret boss fights in Resident Evil 7. Such an addition will certainly cement the game’s horror status.

Of course, the above is just our idea for Resident Evil 7. We would love to hear on what your idea for horror would be in the next sequel.