Resident Evil 7: Returning Villains Will Cement Horror Experience

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A couple of months ago, Capcom released the demo for Resident Evil 7 and it wowed most, if not all, Resident Evil fans. The demo may have little to do with Resident Evil 7 but it highlights on the major gameplay components.

Even so, the dark nature of the demo signals a horrifying Resident Evil 7 experience. For us, this is already a positive start for Resident Evil 7 and we are hoping for it to get better in the full game. Our personal idea would be having some old villains returning in Resident Evil 7 to give us a spook of a lifetime.

Names like William Birkins and Nemesis continue to haunt us today. Despite their deaths in old Resident Evil titles, it would be amazing to see their return in Resident Evil 7 through acting as surprise boss fights.

The idea might sound too farfetched but it is possible to execute. We are confident that Capcom can find a creative way to bring back the duo in Resident Evil 7. What do you think?