Resident Evil 7: Sony Wins Exclusivity Deal!

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Resident Evil 7 is the next major game to come from Capcom and it promises a great deal of balance between horror and action. However, if you want to get the full-on experience with the game, you will need to be on the Sony PS4 platform to do so.

We say this because Sony has sealed an exclusivity deal with Capcom in regards to Resident Evil 7. The good news is that the game will still be released to the Xbox One on the same day as the PS4. The only difference here is that you can’t plug in any other Virtual Reality headset to play Resident Evil 7 unless it is the PSVR.

The VR exclusivity will last an entire calendar year. So of you desire to play Resident Evil 7 on VR from launch day, you will need to purchase the Sony PSVR and play the game on the PS4.

For us, we wouldn’t mind the wait as we don’t intend to purchase PSVR. Instead, we are looking forward to Vive 2 before playing any games in virtual reality. What about you?