Resident Evil 7 Teases On Returning Faces, But Who Exactly?

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Earlier today, Capcom’s Nakanishi explained on the elements of Resident Evil 7 to a local Japanese magazine. According to the developer, Resident Evil 7 is not a reboot at all but it will still come with a canonical storyline.

In other words, Resident Evil 7 is tipped to be a sequel to the existing mainline series titles. This strongly suggests that old characters could make a return in Resident Evil 7 as the game takes on a new direction.

Some fans would love to have Leon and Chris back in the main cast but that is unlikely to happen. It was teased by Capcom before that Leon does not have any big influence to the Resident Evil franchise anymore.

The way we see it, names like Rebecca and Chris are likely to make an impactful return in Resident Evil 7. We are picturing something like Chris returning in time to save the protagonist in times of crisis.

Of course, this is just speculations and wishful thinking from our end. We are interested to know on what characters are you expecting to come back in Resident Evil 7.