Resident Evil 7: The Big Surprise Idea

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Back at E3 last month, Capcom teased that there will be a big surprise coming in Resident Evil 7 and it will have something to do with the characters that are coming into the game.

The tease certainly excites us and we can’t wait to find out what it is. Personally, we are hoping for the surprise to be about returning characters that can help inject more horror elements into Resident Evil 7.

Our idea would be having names or old villains like William Birkins and Nemesis to make a return as surprise bosses to scare the living hell out of us. Both old villains have made their mark in leaving us horrified in old Resident Evil titles and they will make the best surprise in Resident Evil 7.

Of course, both William Birkins and Nemesis have died in the old titles but we are pretty sure Capcom can find a creative way to bring them back to life. Will it happen though?