Resident Evil 7: Umbrella Has A Big Role?

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Resident Evil 7 is the next major title to come from Capcom and we cannot be any more excited for it. The sequel to Resident Evil 6 promises to go back to its gameplay roots where everything is about horror, suspense and brain cracking puzzles.

Aside from the gameplay elements, the plot too will make a big leap forward in Resident Evil 7. The details are not out yet but there are already a number of clues signalling Umbrella’s role in Resident Evil 7.

In the demo, you can find a photograph of a helicopter that has the Umbrella logo on it and it talks about surveying the house you’re in. The Baker family were involved in an umbrella test hence it is only right if there is a secret Umbrella facility resting under the house.

Even the latest trailer is signalling on this when it shows a large number of zombies hiding in the basement. Clearly something is off with the house and we would love to hear your thoughts on it.