Resident Evil 7: Will This Surprise Be Amazing?

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Resident Evil 7 is the next big game to come from Capcom and it is scheduled to arrive somewhere in Q1 next year. The game promises to be dark, mysterious and exciting as it looks to bring back the horror essence that has been missing since Resident Evil 4.

For us, this is great news and we cannot be all the more excited for the game. We do have one wish left with Resident Evil 7 and it may just be enough to cement the game’s horror status. The idea is to bring back dead characters from past Resident Evil titles and bring them back to life.

Names like Nemesis and William Birkins are the villains from older Resident Evil games. Both characters are dead but they can make a re-entry as surprise boss fights in Resident Evil 7. Perhaps, Nemesis and William Birkins can be re-introduced in a flashback cutscene.

Their addition will certainly enhance the horror experience in Resident Evil 7. But of course, the above is nothing more than just our idea for Resident Evil 7. We would love to hear what you think of it.