Resident Evil 8 Scheduled For March 2018?

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About a year ago, Capcom launched Resident Evil 7 and it didn’t take long for the game to turn into a hit. After years of disappointing Resident Evil sequels, the majority of the fans are pleased with the way Resident Evil 7 was built as it offers the near-perfect blend in horror and action.

Today, Capcom revealed that they will be launching two major IPs by March next year and it led many to speculate Resident Evil 8 to be one of the two games.

Insiders have agreed that there isn’t much known active projects from Capcom at present moment and this is exactly why they predict Resident Evil 8 to be one of the next major IPs from Capcom. Such a move would make sense for a profit-driven company like Capcom and this is especially after the success of Resident Evil 7.

But of course, like all speculations, you should take the above with a grain of salt. If Capcom truly meant it when they called the upcoming games as major IPs, they are likely to tease about it at E3 next month.