Resident Evil Remake Hopes Killed By RE2

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After years of disappointment, Capcom has finally nailed it with Resident Evil 7. The fans are simply pleased with the outcome of the game and it got them craving for more.

Thinking about Resident Evil 8 this early on may sound too farfetched hence the fans are looking back at past Resident Evil titles and hope that some remakes will happen. It has already been teased before by Capcom on the possibility of Resident Evil 2 Remake getting developed but the lack of information on it has left the fans in disappointment.

It got worse when a Resident Evil 2 Remake trailer hit the web last month. The trailer left the Resident Evil community in fury because it happened to be a prank being played by an individual.

As how you can see above, the video utilizes the audios from Resident Evil 2 and motions from a scene from popular hit TV series Friends. It is a well-played joke but also unkind to the Resident Evil lovers that are really looking forward to a Resident Evil Remake.