Rocket League: Sony Wants No Association With Nintendo Switch!

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It is official. The hit video game, Rocket League, is going to get released on the Nintendo Switch and a video trailer for the hybrid console went online earlier today.

The minute-long clip highlights on some features on Rocket League while also giving us a good look at the game’s graphics when played on the Switch. Everything looks identical to the Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox version of Rocket League and we are pleased to know that the Switch’s version can be played when on the go.

The only setback here is that Rocket League’s ecosystem is still incomplete as Sony is disallowing the ability to cross-play the game. Over on the Switch, players can join lobbies with those on the Xbox One or even the PC.

We are unsure on why Sony is not supportive of cross-platform unless it could be that they don’t want any associations with their rivals. What else could be the reason for it?