Rocket League Spits On Fans With Loot Crates

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Rocket League got its popularity boosted throughout the weekend of last week after the full game was made free to play over on Steam. The aim was to promote Rocket League to gamers that have yet to play the game and the title getting more sales.

Fans of Rocket League are really pleased with what the game has to offer and they are full of praises for developer Psyonix. That was the case until today when details of the upcoming v1.34 update emerged online.

The update will be seeing the addition of limited edition cars to loot crates and this has got the fans cursing Psyonix for it. One fan remarked that’s a predatory tactic that is based on digital gambling using goods that are made falsely scarce so they fleece extra money out of players.

That single comment became the highlight of major gaming forums online and it rallied the Rocket League fans in blasting Psyonix for it. Do you agree with the comment?