Shadow Of War: New Walkthrough Raises The Bar

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These are some exciting times for Lord of the Rings fans as Monolith Productions is about to launch the highly anticipated RPG title, Middle Earth Shadow of War. The upcoming game promises an experience like no other and we can’t wait to dwell in it.

Today, a new walkthrough got released and it confirms on a number of new exciting things coming to the game. For starters, Shadow of War now promises more new environments to play in and this includes Osgiliath.

Then, there is with the open world nature of the game which hints on a more engaging multiplayer experience in the near future. Shadow of War is simply what a sequel should be – a more refined and expanded version of the title it continues from.

The original Shadow of Mordor is already superb in its own rights thus suggesting that Shadow of War is going to be better. We simply can’t imagine how good the game is going to be, especially after viewing the new walkthrough. You can check it out below.