Should Bethesda Delegate Fallout 5 To Another Brand?

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Fallout 4 is the latest and bestselling Fallout game yet but this isn’t because of the game’s exceptional gameplay quality. Instead, it is because of the fans that simply can’t get enough of the experience in the Wasteland hence they never second-guessed buying Fallout 4.

So, if gameplay experience is the scope here, which Fallout title is the best of them all? Several online polls have already been conducted to find this out and we can confirm that it is Fallout New Vegas.

This is quite shocking really because New Vegas was launched many years ago and it is nothing more than a spinoff title of the original series. Also, Fallout New Vegas is the only ‘modern’ Fallout game that isn’t developed by Bethesda.

There isn’t a lot wrong with what Bethesda did on Fallout 4 and this is a mistake because it makes the game feels lacking on the content front. Also, there is too much focus on technicalities that Bethesda forgot about the balance in wackiness and realism.

In short, Bethesda played it safe with Fallout 4 hence the game is unable to offer the best Fallout experience around. With Fallout 5 not expected to be much different from the current title, should Bethesda consider delegating developments to a different developer?