Should The Witcher 4 Introduce A New Hero?

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If you can recall to December 2016, CD Projekt Red revealed that they have made a mistake in limiting The Witcher Series to a trilogy as the popularity of the RPG demands for a fourth sequel.

CDPR also made it clear that they have poured in too much effort into making The Witcher Series as one of history’s finest RPGs and it would be unfair to the developing team if they are to stop at The Witcher 3.

These statements are enough for us to assume that The Witcher 4 will get developed in the future but it won’t be a continuation from the original trilogy – as how CDPR teased it to be.

With that being said, would you welcome The Witcher 4 as a spinoff to a major event in the Witcher Trilogy or would you prefer having a fresh plot?

We raised this question because there are some bits in the Trilogy that can be expanded into a single major gaming title. We are referring to the character Ciri and her adventures through the portals. A lot must have happened in her individual adventure and it can be covered extensively with a spinoff.

On the other hand, The Witcher 4 can introduce a new protagonist in a fresh new adventure, much like how Bioware approached Mass Effect Andromeda. So, what’s your pick?

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  1. Brandon

    March 20, 2018 at 8:59 am

    I’m absolutely in favor of a new Witcher trilogy / series – and I am very open to a new Witcher, but it SHOULD ABSOLUTELY NOT BE CIRI. Cameo appearances for her & Geralt would be great, but definitely do not want her as the main character.

    I’d like to see CDPR hire an author to write some bridge books to set the stage perhaps ~30 or so years down the road after Blood & Wine where something happens that triggers a serious need for Witchers again and we can follow a new Witcher – the bridge books would set the stage politically, introduce some new sorceresses / mages, rulers, etc. as well as characters our new Witcher would meet and either befriend or become enemies with.