Skyrim’s Steam Award Raises Bar For Elder Scrolls 6

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About 6 years ago, Bethesda launched Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim and the game ended up being a global hit. Even today, Skyrim is still making some huge achievements after bagging several awards in 2016 despite being an aged title.

The most recent award is the Test of Time Award from Steam. It credits Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim for having a consistent active amount of players since its debut. Even today, there are still many gamers playing Skyrim thus the award from Steam.

The way we see it, the award adds nothing but more pressure on Bethesda as the game developer will definitely have to seek something special to pull off an even better sequel – Elder Scrolls 6.

The world in Elder Scrolls 6 must be larger in size so that it can accommodate more features as well as more gameplay hours. Will Elder Scrolls 6 be able to outdo the level of success achieved by Skyrim?