Sony PS4: PS+ Meme Turns Into A Reality!

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If you are a PS Plus subscriber, you will be pleased to see the February free games Sony has to offer on the PS4.

Just to keep it brief, the list of February free games include Knack, RiME, StarBlood Arena, Spelunker HD, Mugen Souls Z, Exiles End and Grand Kingdom.

Of course, not all the titles mentioned above are playable on the PS4 but that is out of the subject. What we want to point out is that Knack and RiMe are now playable for free on the PS4.

This is really massive especially when you consider that both games have been a PS Plus meme ever since Sony launched the PS4.

The fact these two titles are now playable for free means that more gamers will finally understand the meme better while enjoying the games.