Sony PS4 vs Microsoft Xbox One: Who Conquered Black Friday?

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The never-ending battle between Sony and Microsoft in the game industry is full of twists and surprises. After three years after the Xbox One and PS4 made their respective debut, we can see that it is Sony that has achieved more sales.

The differences between the two consoles in sales are so huge that this generation belongs to the Sony PS4. Even so, that did not stop us from trying to find out on whether Sony is the king of console sales during the Black Friday period.

Sony revealed that they sold more than 2 million units of the PS4 during Black Friday and this is a remarkable achievement. The exact figures are unknown but the statement was backed up by Ubisoft.

As for the Xbox One, Microsoft did not share on how many units got sold off in Black Friday. The only clue we have is with Microsoft quoting that there was strong demand for the Xbox One.

Judging by the sound of it, the Xbox One did break its own sales record but whether it managed to outdo the PS4 remains to be answered. We would love to hear on which console you think captured a bigger slice on Black Friday.