Star Wars Battlefront 2 Dismisses P2P Rumours

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It is no secret that EA Dice is working on a sequel for Star Wars Battlefront and the game is expected to arrive somewhere in 2018. However, the lack of official information on Battlefront 2 got the fans looking up at rumours to get a better idea of the game.

The word is that Battlefront 2 will be tailored for 4K consoles and it will have plenty of missions and maps to play in. When it comes to the technicalities of the online multiplayer mode, the rumours indicated that Battlefront 2 will be relying on P2P rather than dedicated servers.

Such information angered the Battlefront fans and they are hoping for the rumours to be untrue. Well, we can safely say now that P2P won’t be the way of Battlefront 2 at all and the rumours are wrong.

The developers shared on Twitter that they will have dedicated servers for Battlefront 2, like how it was in Battlefront. With the game expected to be huge on the online multiplayer scene, it is only right for Battlefront 2 to operate on dedicated servers.