Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets A 6/10 Score From Angriest Gamer!

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After hearing about how loot boxes have ruined Star Wars Battlefront 2, you must have probably cancelled your order for the game. Well, you may want to reverse your decision again because it now looks like Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a lot better than what the critics are saying.

This is based on the game’s score given by one of the toughest reviewers around, AngryJoe. The popular reviewer never go easy when reviewing video games but despite all his rants towards Battlefront 2, the lad gave the game a 6/10 score.

5/10 is the average in the scoring system hence a 6 means that there are plenty of good things in Star Wars Battlefront 2 which many have not realized due to loot boxes being the headlines for the game.

Some of the things which AngryJoe commended are the gameplay mechanics and the close tie-up to the original Battlefront 2 title. The full details can be seen in the video below but will they be enough to convince you into getting Battlefront 2?