State Of Decay 2: 20GB Patch Is Misleading!

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It is official. After a week into the release of State of Decay 2, Undead Labs released a major patch with hopes of solving every technical issue on the game.

The patch was launched earlier today and it received a loud feedback from the public. This cannot be avoided because of the size of the patch that measures at about 20GB. Considering that the game is about 19GB in size, a 20GB update can be described as unrightfully massive for it to be just a fix.

It gets more confusing when those that have applied the update revealed that no new contents are found in Sate of Decay 2. What gives?

A PC gamer who owns State of Decay 2 came to us an explained that the patch is actually 1GB in size. The indicated 20GB is actually a measurement that involves the original 19GB.

The reason for this is likely due to State of Decay 2’s game engine which works more efficiently with overwriting old data than applying a new layer of data.

This is the best possible explanation for the 20GB patch indication and you should not worry about losing another 20GB of storage space to State of Decay 2.