Telltale Games: Too Many Heads Are Bad For Game Development

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Developing a video game can be really fun, especially when you are in a team that clicks well with your vision for the title in development. For Telltale Games, they have just that but their problem right now is that there are more heads in certain teams than required.

This can be a problem as it can cause a conflict when making decisions and plenty of disagreement. While that has yet to happen, Telltale is already feeling the pinch financially and it was then they realized that they have too many developers.

As such, Telltale Games have confirmed that they will be cutting their workforce by 25% and this translates to about 90 individuals. If you worry that the restructuring of employees under Telltale is going to disrupt the development of upcoming IPs, you can breathe easy because it is not happening.

Telltale has made it clear that the upcoming IPs and previously announced projects are not affected by the restructure process one bit.