The Division 2 Trashes Reports That Doubted Its Development

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It is official. Ubisoft has confirmed that The Division 2 is in the works and the announcement was made earlier today via the developer’s official website.

This is not surprising as The Division has achieved success on the sales front hence it is only right for Ubisoft to follow it up with an improved sequel. But despite the obvious outcome, rumours have been pinning doubts on the development of Division 2 and this is based on the complaints made on the original Division.

The Division came out with a number of server issues and it led to disappointment on a wide scale. Some gamers actually abandoned the title entirely but that appears to only be the minority. Over time, Ubisoft sent out patches which saw The Division working flawlessly and gamers couldn’t be happier for it.

However, the sour state of The Division during launch day happens to be enough to fuel rumours into claiming that The Division 2 is not happening. Well, we can confirm now that The Division 2 is in the works and it is likely for the game to make its official unveiling at E3 this year.