The Evil Within 2 Hints Fallout 4 Not Scary Enough!

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The Evil Within 2 is one of the hottest games in the market right now and those that are playing the title should know that there are plenty of Easter eggs in the horror-themed world.

We actually never realized this until we got pinged of a Gamespot video that uncovers some ‘easy-to-notice’ Easter eggs in the game. The video highlighted on the Easter egg while also offering a detailed guide on where you can check them out.

It is a great initiative from Gamespot and we actually had fun finding these hidden references in The Evil Within 2. We also realized that the Easter eggs are all referencing Bethesda’s other products and the list includes Prey, Skyrim as well as the NAZI dog from Wolfenstein.

Almost every major franchise from Bethesda can be found in The Evil Within 2 but this is with the exception of Fallout. Perhaps, it could be that Fallout is not evil enough? You can be the judge by viewing the video below.