The Last Guardian: Animatic Character Stuck In Realism

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I’ll be honest with you. I really can’t wait any longer for The Last Guardian. The action-adventure title from Square Enix is scheduled to arrive exclusively on the PS4 next week and it will give fans a gaming experience like no other.

Our interest in The Last Guardian started several months ago when a 30 minute gameplay video got leaked online. Square Enix wasn’t pleased with the leak but they can appreciate the fact that the video led to more people anticipating The Last Guardian.

Today, the roller coaster development of The Last Guardian has finally eased up as Square Enix released the first major trailer for the game. If you have not seen it, go check it out below.

The Last Guardian looks gorgeous with its realistic graphics and mysterious plot. However, we find one strange element on the trailer and that is with the characters in the game. In case you’ve missed it, the characters look animatic as opposed to the realistic-looking environment.

At first, we see it as a flaw since the cartoonish characters don’t mix well with the environment. But then again, Square Enix must have done it on purpose and it may have something to do with the gameplay.

The cartoonish character makes it far easier to locate on screen which can be handy due to some of the crazier moments. But of course, all will be revealed when The Last Guardian arrives.