The Witcher 1 Greatly Mistaken For The Witcher 4!

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About a decade ago, CD Projekt Red launched The Wticher and the RPG title became an instant hit in the industry. It led to the creation of The Witcher 2 and 3 thus leading the series into becoming a leading name in the RPG scene.

The unfortunate thing here is that The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt saw an end to the great RPG adventure and CDPR is unsure on whether to keep the series alive as doing so may hurt the already established plot.

The rumours, on the other hand, have been claiming that Witcher 4’s development is already in motion and this could be the reason why many Witcher fans mistakenly thought a video of The Witcher 1 as The Witcher 4.

How can that be possible? Well, the reason here is with the Witcher 1’s graphics that looks really great and it is actually owed to a fan-made mod. The mod developers were merely demonstrating the mod capabilities in the prologue video of the Witcher 1 and they called it a success.

In case you still haven’t figured it out yet, the fan-made mod that is in development is aiming to utilize Witcher 3’s game engine to improve on the technicalities of the original Witcher game. You can check out the demonstration below but don’t call it The Witcher 4.