The Witcher 3 Gets Buttery Upgrade For Xbox One X!

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Microsoft has said it. The specs sheet has said it. The all-new Xbox One X is literally the most powerful gaming console in the market right now.

One may still argue that console gaming will still stutter because of game developers not fine-tuning their creations for the system they are targeted at but this is not the case for The Witcher 3.

CD Projekt Red has already made it known that The Witcher 3 will get a technical boost for the Xbox One X and the result is already available for viewing today – in the form of a video.

The video surfaced online and it demonstrated The Witcher 3 being played on the Xbox One X with an unpatched and uncapped framerate of 60fps with a resolution of 900p.

If this is to suggest anything, the Xbox One X may just be capable of accommodating games at 30fps with 4K resolution. It sounds farfetched but we are confident it is possible.