The Witcher 3 Set For A Sequel By Way Of Mass Effect Andromeda

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The Witcher is one of the best RPG series in the gaming world but unfortunately for the fans, the adventures have reached an end in The Witcher 3. This was confirmed by developer CDPR right after they launched The Witcher 3.

Today, however, it appears that CDPR has changed their mind about not producing a new Witcher game. CDPR revealed in an interview that they have realized on the vast amount of time, effort and money they have poured into developing The Witcher Trilogy and it makes discontinuing the series feel unfair.

On the other hand, CDPR also said that they are reluctant to produce Witcher 4 due to the possibility of it ruining the plot in the Trilogy. But after seeing how Mass Effect Andromeda was able to offer more in the Mass Effect universe without hurting the Mass Effect trilogy, CDPR is now showing interest in taking a similar path for The Witcher 4.

CDPR may have yet to fully confirm on Witcher 4’s development but judging by the sound of it, the sequel now looks likely to happen. Are you excited?