The Witcher 4 Blossoms By Way Of Andromeda!

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Earlier this year, CDPR announced that they have decided not to end everything in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Despite having said many times that the Witcher 4 can’t happen to protect the original plot in The Witcher Trilogy, CDPR felt that is unfair to put a halt on The Witcher series.

We have covered that bit before and we closely compared The Witcher 4’s development to that of Mass Effect Andromeda. This cannot be helped as The Witcher 4 looks to start on a brand new adventure in the fantasy world with a fresh new plot featuring a different protagonist. It is just like how Mass Effect Andromeda didn’t have any influence on the original Mass Effect Trilogy.

Today, we can further confirm that The Witcher 4 is very similar to Mass Effect Andromeda. The Witcher developers spoke in an interview and they shared that Geralt will not be around in The Witcher 4. The development is as we predicted and we can’t wait to check out what the plot will be like.

More importantly, we are looking forward to an official confirmation on The Witcher 4’s development from CDPR. That is probably happening next year and we will update here when it happens.