The Witcher 4 To Take Inspirations From Mass Effect Andromeda?

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Comparing The Witcher to Mass Effect is like comparing apples to oranges. While they are both great RPG series, the former has a fantasy theme while the latter has is focused on the sci-fi market. Their gameplay also differs greatly so how can The Witcher 4 takes inspiration from Mass Effect Andromeda?

The sequel to The Witcher 3 is not a confirmed title but CDPR is finally opening up to its development after months of killing all hopes for The Witcher 4.

The mood has changed for the better as CDPR was heard saying that ending everything in The Witcher 3 does not sound ideal. CDPR revealed that they have poured in a lot of time, money an effort in making The Witcher into a massive RPG brand hence there is a responsibility to keep the series alive.

However, CDPR warned that if there is going to be The Witcher 4, it must not have any affiliations to the Witcher 3. This means that we will be seeing a new protagonist and a fresh new plot in The Witcher 4.

It does sound familiar because Bioware said the same thing when developing Mass Effect Andromeda. Bioware didn’t want Andromeda to have any effect on the original Mass Effect Trilogy and this resulted in the application of a new protagonist and a new adventure.