Titanfall 2 On-Board Frontier Defense Style PvE!

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Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that a new DLC is coming to Titanfall 2 and it will introduce plenty of new features in the game. Respawn also said that the DLC should arrive before the end of June.

The next DLC will be adding in new maps, new Titan, new game mode, level cap increase, cosmetics and many others. One of the information that leaked online yesterday further mentioned on a brand new PvE mode that is inspired by Frontier Defense.

For those who don’t know what there is, the mode will put every player in the lobby together to defend themselves against waves of AI enemies. The enemies will grow in number and get stronger with every new wave.

This is something which fans of Titanfall have been hoping to see in Titanfall 2 and the fact that it is coming in the end of June restored the hype for the FPS game. Are you excited?