Titanfall 2: The Most Overlooked Game Right Now!

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Just in case you haven’t heard, Titanfall 2 has been out for almost 2 years now. We raised this point because Titanfall 2 is still unable to acquire a large gamer-base and this is despite of the fact that the game has turned into a multi-platform title.

For the majority gamers, they are avoiding Titanfall 2 because they are unwilling to commit to another FPS title. With only one FPS game worth sticking too, these folks will lean towards Battlefield or Call of Duty.

Well, if you’re among them, you should reconsider your actions because Titanfall 2 is really worth your time and money. For starters, Titanfall 2’s way of approaching the FPS scene is unique as it scopes deeper into the traditional sci-fi ways of in-game physics.

Furthermore, the gameplay aspect is completely different from what is being practiced in Call of Duty and Battlefield and you can check this out in greater detail through the video below.

Last but not least, Titanfall 2 is often involved in game sales and you can pick the game up without breaking the bank. With all that in mind, plus the video below, you will see why we say Titanfall 2 is the most overlooked game right now. The title simply deserves more attention from the public.