Titanfall 3 vs Battlefield V: EA’s Launch Nightmare!

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Back in 2014, Respawn launched a brand-new FPS called Titanfall. The game was made to be an exclusive for Microsoft and it turned out to be a huge hit in the gaming scene.

The success of Titanfall pushed the developer out of the exclusivity loop to turn Titanfall 2 into a multiplatform title, under the care of Electronic Arts and it resulted in an underwhelming outcome.

Despite getting plenty of positive feedback from reviewers, Titanfall 2 didn’t manage to enjoy significant sales improvements and it is caused by the poor release timing for the game. In case you are unaware, Titanfall 2 debuted around the same time Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty Infinite Warfare.

Both Battlefield and Call of Duty are two of the most popular names in the FPS scene, and they have left Titanfall 2 in their shadows.

This year, Titanfall 3 will be making its debut and brought up a debate on the release timing for the game. The obvious says that Titanfall 3 will need to arrive in early Q3 or risk repeating the mistakes of Titanfall 2. This is especially since EA is more driven towards the release of Battlefield V.

There is simply no way for EA to change the release window of the Battlefield Series hence they will need to get Titanfall 3 sorted out early.