Titanfall: Nexon To Squeeze Oversized Titans Into Your Phone

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IF you are an active mobile gamer, then you must have heard of Nexon. The game publisher is among the top in the mobile gaming industry and they are about to get even bigger once they manage to squeeze oversized titans into your device.

This is because Nexon has been granted the task to create a Titanfall game for the mobile platform. The game will be a real-time strategy title but the announcement has been receiving mostly negative responses from the public.

It cannot be helped because the Titanfall fans are not pleased with the way mobile games work. Even if the fan is an avid mobile gamer, they are not interested in Titanfall for mobile due to the assumption of microtransactions in the game.

Personally, we are not that interested in seeing Titanfall for mobile because it may end up being a cash-grab game rather than a title that offers a fun experience. It may not be fair to label microstransctions to the entire mobile genre, but it’s a stigma for a reason.