Uncharted The Lost Legacy: No Nathan Drake, No Party

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It is a sad time to be a fan of the Uncharted Series and this is because of Nathan Drake. Fans of the series are emotionally attached to Nathan Drake hence it is sad to know the lad has finally retired following the ending in Uncharted 4.

Naughty Dog has said before that Nathan Drake has no role left to fill but they did offer some good news. The game developer mentioned on a DLC expansion that is coming out of this year and it is made for those that can’t get enough of Uncharted 4.

Known as Uncharted The Lost Legacy, the DLC is projected to arrive later this year but its unveiling at E3 failed to bring any positive vibe to the Uncharted community. This cannot be helped as The Lost Legacy will be centered on two female protagonists and there is no sign of Nathan Drake around.

The majority of Uncharted fans love the series because of Nathan’s character hence his absence in The Lost Legacy reduces its fun prospect. But of course, we can’t place a verdict without playing the game hence it is best to wait until Uncharted The Lost Legacy comes out before we can give it a score.