Valve Admits To False Half Life 3 Clues

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It has been more than a decade since Valve released Half Life 2 and fans of the series have never stopped anticipating the arrival of Half Life 3. The wait is a painful one and it is not helping when Valve keeps on denying Half Life 3’s development.

If that is not bad enough, Valve is also guilty of toying with the fans’ hearts when they decided to keep the hype alive by throwing in some subtle clues on the game’s development before denying them all when the hype gets too loud.

Valve openly admitted this when they revealed that some employees purposely wore Half Life 3 shirts when attending a recent gaming convention in Germany. It created a hype so huge but it all got shot down by Valve.

The game developer did apologize for the childish behavior of their employees but they felt no remorse in doing so. The fans are the real victims here as they can’t handle misleading clues especially when being trapped in an endless wait for Half Life 3.