Vampyr: Will Poor Visuals Disrupt Success Potential?

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Vampyr is the next major video game to come from Dontnod Entertainment and the developer has confirmed that they will reveal every detail on the vampire-themed IP at E3 next month.

For a game that is pending to get released, Vampyr is already creating a hype like no other and this is especially after Dontnod released the teaser trailers for the game. There are two clips on the game available online and they show two different major gameplay elements.

The first is a plot-heavy, dark-themed setup whereas the second is a combat-heavy gameplay experience. Seeing that Dontnod has scored big with plot-based games in recent years, gamers are expecting a stellar vampire experience in Vampyr.

On a separate note, the teasers also brought up one major worry and that is poor graphics. Observing the clips closely will show you the lack of facial animation as well as poor interface in Vampyr. If this remains unpolished in the finalized product, it may lead to negative sales consequences.