Vanquish Return Confirmed In Sega Tease

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Game developer Sega may have gone missing in the last couple of decades but they are hoping to make a massive return in the future through bringing back classic titles. We have seen the success of Bayonetta that shows that Sega still has it in them so what’s next from the iconic brand?

The answer to this is Vanquish. Like how it was mentioned in the title above, Vanquish is all but confirmed to be making a return later this year.

Sega have been teasing on Vanquish’s return since several months ago and they did it again on Twitter earlier today.

If you are to check out the Tweet above, you will see the photo resembles the logo of the antagonist group in the original Vanquish. It is pretty obvious now that Sega is working on Vanquish and the game looks like to turn into a cross-platform title, like Bayonetta. We can expect more details to surface at E3 next month.