Wolfenstein 2: Microsoft Xbox One X vs Sony PS4!

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The Sony PS4 Pro, or the PS4 as a whole, has already won the current generation console as it managed to outsell the Microsoft Xbox One thanks to having superior hardwares.

It may be too late from Microsoft but they can still narrow the sales gap with the PS4 with the newly launched Xbox One X. The latter is equipped with the best hardwares around and various demonstrations have proven their technical superiority.

Today, we got another evidence on this and it is through a comparison video of Wolfenstein on the PS4 Pro and on the Xbox One X. the comparison video is very thorough and it looked deep into the technical aspects of the game on both consoles.

From the clip, we can easily notice the superb graphics on the Xbox One X, which is obviously better to that on the Sony PS4 Pro. But of course, things are not bad on the latter. Just see it for yourself below.