Wolfenstein 2: The Big Red Flag & Green Flag!

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Wolfenstein 2 is the newest game from Bethesda and we can say that it is a big leap forward from the original Wolfenstein. Sure, we may have yet to complete the game but our first attempt at Wolfenstein 2 saw little wrong with the title.

If we have to name a major fault in the game, it would have to be with the weapon system. Assault rifle with scope and increased damage is far too overpowered and needs addressing. Heck, anything with a scope and increased damage has helped me take out weak enemies with ease and powerful enemies with little struggle. It takes away the challenge in the game.

This makes the aforementioned gun as the biggest red flag on Wolfenstein 2 but it is also one that we can never be bothered with. As for green flags, there are plenty of positives in Wolfenstein 2 but the one we love most is the difficulty that comes when getting attacked from behind.

It’s hard to see if you are getting attacked unlike how it was in the original Wolfenstein. We often realzed this the moment our character’s armour gets completely destroyed by a rear attack. This is what we would call one of the best things to happen in Wolfenstein 2 because it helps make the game harder in what would be a breezy adventure when equipped with the OP rifle.

All in all, Wolfenstein 2 offers a great adventure-shooter experience and we would gladly recommend it to you.