WWE 2K16: Exciting New Moves To Try!

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If you think that WWE 2K16 is just about more superstars to play with, you are wrong. The game is also a wrestling title that offers the most move sets and this is confirmed when 2K launched a new DLC for WWE 2K16.

The DLC was released earlier today and it basically introduces 30 new moves into the game. Among them includes the Corner Enzuigiri, Avalanche Ram, Standing Crossface Chickenwing and Dragon Sleeper.

The DLC is available for WWE 2K16 across all platforms and they can be purchased from just $3.99. If you plan on buying future DLCs for WWE 2K16, it is better to purchase the Season Pass that cost $24.99. Doing so will entitle you to every DLC for WWE 2K16 as well as exclusive contents.