WWE 2K17 Hasn’t Moved Forward In Gameplay

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It seems like WWE 2K17 has not made any real progress on the gameplay front despite it being the replacement for WWE 2K16. The game may have more new game modes and a larger roster to offer but the gameplay remains the same.

Like how it was back in WWE 2K16 and 2K15, all you have to do is practice your reversal skills in 2K17 and guarantee yourself a win. The gameplay is no different from the past and to make it worse, there are some hints on laziness with the development of 2K17.

If you have been following the episodic series from WWE, you will see that the roster has further been expanded due to the brand’s splitting. The commentary crew has also changed personal and they are all fixed to a single show. So why are we still seeing JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler?

It is things like these which needs equal attention as they can spoil the entire gameplay experience, especially for the hardcore WWE lovers. Wouldn’t you agree?