WWE 2K18: Lazy 2K Exposed In Recycled Content!

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Come Friday next week, 2K will officially launch WWE 2K18 and most wrestling fans from all over the world can’t wait to play the game. This cannot be helped as WWE 2K18 promises more gameplay features as well as a more exciting roster.

Personally, we are excited for WWE 2K18 too until we realized that 2K has poured in little effort in developing the title. We came to this conclusion after checking out WWE 2K18 early gameplay footages which saw the lady wrestler, Alexa Bliss, still equipped with her old entrance theme.

If you are a wrestling fan, you can easily spot this outdated content since Alexa Bliss is already having a new entrance in real-life. The entrance for the Diva wrestler is clearly taken from WWE 2K17 and this suggests that 2K didn’t dwell into the details of the game.

Of course, we sure hope that we are wrong and it could be the early 2K18 footages that are not up-to-date. If we are right however, 2K should prepare an immediate patch for this or risk losing out on the WWE Universe.