WWE 2K18 Wrestles Against Microtransaction Desire

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Microtransaction is the new norm in the gaming industry as developers see it as a quick way to increase the revenue of the games they produce. This is despite of the fact that the vast majority of gamers are strongly against microtransaction.

Well, if you are a fan of WWE 2K-Series, you can breathe easy because microtransaction is not happening with the game. 2K confirmed on this on WWE 2K18’s official Twitter page when they posted the following:

This is great news as it would mean having a fair contest among players. In online play, no single player will be able to have an edge over one another by paying for some extra power-up. All is fair for everyone and it will depend on your effort in WWE 2K18 to get achieve special items.

2K concluded the announcement by sharing that loot boxes, special items and moves will be unlocked by progressing in the online multiplayer mode or offline career mode.